Ncedo Nhlengethwa

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My name is Ncedo Nhlengethwa, a student studying my 4th year in Speech and Language Therapy under the Umthombo Youth Development Fund. I would like to show my gratitude and appreciation to this great family and movement for social change.

After finishing my matric, I never imagined being in varsity with my tuition and meals taken care of. Thinking about my dream job of being a health care practitioner only brought periods of anxiety as my parents could not afford to finance it. Umthombo made that dream come true and continued to guide my growth as a student in a new environment with many factors that can interfere with my vision.

Over the past few years, I have encountered challenges, from the death of my cousin whom I was close to, to the constant pressures brought by my family’s financial situation.

This has affected my academic outcomes negatively. Donors make it possible for Umthombo to give support to students like me. With Umthombo there is always someone to talk to, and someone to ask for help.

Receiving this bursary has made a powerful and positive impact on my life. Words can never describe how appreciative I am.