Exceptional throughput rates

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Throughput is a measure of the number of students who started studying against the number who actually completed. Despite our students all coming from non-fee paying rural schools, through our academic and social mentoring support, our students are exceeding the national throughput rates!

Of the 551 students supported over the duration of the programme (2002-2020), 490 graduated giving a 89% throughput rate.

If one looks at the various disciplines, the throughput rates vary, for example our medical students have achieved a 91% throughput rate, our Nurses a 95% throughput rate, whilst our Pharmacy and Radiography students have achieved a 90% and 92% throughput rate respectively. Our Physiotherapy and Occupational therapy students did not fare as well achieving a 83% and 75% throughput rate respectively. However, these throughput rates still exceed the national statistics.

Throughput infographic