Andile Ntuli

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My name is Andile Ntuli, I was born in Umhlabuyalingana from a family of six. I'm currently doing my 3rd year in Bachelors of Pharmacy at Rhodes University. My father passed away in 2009, leaving my mother as our only breadwinner. She is currently working as a CCG, earning a low income and to supplement the financial situation, she is also a vendor at local schools.

I chose to study pharmacy after my father’s passing. My father passed away due to the counterfeiting of drugs. He died because he lacked knowledge about the drugs he was taking. This then made me think of how many people are dying each day due to insufficient knowledge about their medication.

I then decided that it would be best if I become the person to offer awareness about medication and oversee the dispensation of those drugs.

Aspen has given me peace of mind when it comes to tuition fees, food and book allowance, allowing me to focus on my studies. It has also relieved the pressure on my mother, who does not need to worry about me from a financial perspective.

I am truly grateful for Aspen’s financial support of me because, without this support, I would probably have not been able to be at university.