Success so far

Thus far, our programme has produced 434 graduates 

Over the past 20 years we have produced 434 graduates, 155 of which are Doctors. Further, 54% of our Doctors are female, whilst 56% of our graduates are female!

This year we are supporting 181 students studying the following health science disciplines:

These include Medicine, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy, Occupational Therapy, Dietetics, Optometry, Dentistry, Dental Therapy, Speech Therapy, Nursing, Radiology, Psychology, Audiology, Biomedical Technology, Emergency Medical Rescue, Orthotics & Prosthetics.

Some of our graduates are involved in the day-to-day running of the Umthombo programme at hospital level, while other graduates remain active in the mentorship and support of students, often participating in school outreach programmes.

The success of our programme is due to our comprehensive financial support, as well as mentoring support, which provides students with academic and social guidance throughout the duration of their studies. The impact of our mentoring support can be seen in the amazing university pass rates our students are achieving - 92% over the past seven years!

UYDF has been cited as one of the few sustainable solutions for improving shortages of qualified healthcare staff at rural hospitals in South Africa. The number of graduates has had a positive impact on the delivery of healthcare services at participating hospitals. In many cases, new services have been established at these hospitals by our graduates.