Our partners

We have numerous significant partners that support our overall goals

Some of these include the Department of Health, the community, but the most important, in terms of implementing the programme, is the local hospital. Together with rural hospitals, we identify, train and support the rural youth to become qualified healthcare professionals who, in turn, commit to working at the local hospital for their contract period.

The hospitals are instrumental in identifying, training and supporting members of the local youth in their quest to become health professionals. To ensure that this process goes as smoothly as possible certain important aspects have to be in place.

These include:

  1. Strong support for the project and a passion for long-term recruitment shared by key hospital personnel, including the Medical-, Hospital-, Finance- and HR Managers, who are to receive regular updates on the progress of the programme. This includes permission to run a pre-selection volunteer programme at the hospital to identify suitable candidates and the input of two hospital representatives who are to form part of the scholarship selection committee.
  2. An established Hospital Working Group with an appointed UYDF liaison. This group is tasked with prioritising and scheduling a minimum of four weeks’ annual holiday work for students, as well as ensuring that job vacancies are advertised timeously so that students may apply to work back their scholarships. Regular meetings are to be conducted between the UYDF and the Hospital Working Group to ensure that policies and procedures are communicated effectively.

The UYDF currently has active working relationships with the following hospitals in the Umkhanyakude District, namely:

  • Mosvold Hospital
  • Mseleni Hospital
  • Hlabisa Hospital
  • Manguzi Hospital
  • Bethesda Hospital

Our foundation also has participating hospitals in the Zululand district. Those being:

  • Benedictine Hospital
  • Ceza Hospital
  • Nkonjeni Hospital
  • Itshelejuba Hospital
  • Nkonjeni Hospital
  • Vryheid Hospital

Hospitals participating in the King Cetshwayo district are:

  • Catherine Booth Hospital
  • Ekombe Hospital
  • KwaMagwaza Hospital
  • Mbongolwane Hospital
  • Nkandla Hospital

We have also formed individual relationships with the following two hospitals:

  • St. Patricks Hospital - Bizana, Eastern Cape
  • Zithulele Hospital - Hole in the Wall, Eastern Cape

For more information about these facilities, find it here.

Funding Organisations

  • Anglo American Chairman’s Fund
  • Aspen Pharmacare
  • Dandelion Trust
  • Discovery Fund
  • Don McKenzie Trust
  • Douglas Jooste Trust
  • Lily & Ernst Hausmann Bursary Trust
  • Nedbank Foundation
  • Norman Wevell Trust
  • Oppenheimer Memorial Trust
  • RB Hagart Trust
  • Robert Niven Trust
  • Robin Hamilton Trust
  • Rogerwilco
  • Zululand Air Mission Transport (ZUMAT)

Individual Donors

  • Brian Whittaker
  • Cord Hollender
  • Dr Andrew Ross
  • Dr Zandi Rosochacki
  • Johannes Liel
  • Kathrin Meyer-Oschatz
  • Katya Soggot
  • Koen Vermorgan
  • Glenys Ross
  • Wendy Clarke
  • Ronald & Gill Ingle
  • Siyanda Dlamini
  • Carlos Chavarri