Mazwi Mkhize

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I’m from Ingwavuma, Mbodla Area. I have 3 siblings and I am the first to obtain a tertiary education from a prestigious university. My mother is employed by the department of education as an educator while my father is unemployed.

The financial situation is not very consistent as the main source of income is through my mother's salary and occasionally from piece jobs that my father manages to get.

The funding provided by Aspen is very helpful to me mainly because it allows me to further my studies without having to worry about finances when it comes to my tertiary education, residence and meals. It also helps me to not feel like an outcast due to the financial situation at home - this reduces the stress firstly on my parents and secondly on me in that I am able to focus on my studies.

Furthermore, UYDF is generally very supportive by mentoring and constantly monitoring our progress, and also allows us to expand our social circles by bringing us motivated people that have similar goals.