Lindeni Nkosi, Medical student

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I have always had a passion to study medicine since I was a child. I loved checking my mum's pulse with my fingers and listening to her heartbeat. This attracted me to the medical field. When I was in high school, I realised I had passion for solving problems and exploring the human body. This started me reading books on medicine. I learnt the Danger, Response, Send for help, Airway, Breathing, Cardiopulmonary resuscitation and Defibrillation (DRSABCD) action plan which came in handy when my brother drowned in a swimming pool. I dived, in, brought him out, and administered a Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) that I had learnt. Indeed, I felt like a hero for a moment there.

Lindani Nkosi headshot

However, due to financial challenges in my family, I am frightened that my dreams and ambitions might perish because I do not have enough money to pay tuition fees. My mother is unemployed - she only receives a SASSA grant each month to look after me and my younger sister as our father is no longer staying with us. Since I finished high school and enrolled in tertiary I have been searching painstakingly for bursaries and when I finally came across Umthombo Youth Development Foundation, I was moved to tears. Finally! A glimpse of hope!